The University of Alberta is committed to helping our international students adjust to life in Canada and providing a supportive environment while studying at UAlberta.

Our International Student Services team—at the International Centre—provides events and programming to help international students accomplish their academic and personal goals, plus share their knowledge and experiences with campus and off-campus communities.


Applying for a Social Insurance Number

Service Canada has recently changed the requirements for international students to apply for Social Insurance Numbers (SIN). Find out more.

  1. Surviving the winter by staying active

    I am an average runner who is super passionate about running. I started at the age of 23, after graduating with a Bachelor Civil Engineering in Beirut, Lebanon.

  2. Places I Have Volunteered (Or Would Love To If I Had More Time)

  3. University of Alberta Researcher Tracks Tyrannosaur's Trail

    Paleontologist revisits Tyrannosaur trackways from childhood.

  4. Helping Child Refugees Bridge Cultural Worlds

    Anna Kirova saw the struggle of child refugees in her own family. Now her research could help support young newcomers as they start school in Canada.

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