Emergency Loans and Bursaries Fund

Who can Apply 

Current University of Alberta international students on a Study Permit with unexpected financial shortfalls. Please read all information below before applying.

Plan Ahead 

Emergency loans and bursaries are for international students studying at UAlberta who face short-term financial difficulties, not long-term financial problems. 

Loans and bursaries are intended to cover financial emergencies that exceed the budget you prepared prior to your arrival in Canada.

Funds are intended to cover expenses, such as: 

  • Delayed funding
  • Travel costs for an emergency
  • Unanticipated essential costs
  • Unexpected change in university funding

Emergency Funding Details

Emergency loans and bursaries can be applied for at any time of year. Please read all information below carefully, including funding limitations, before applying. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Emergency Loans

The Emergency Loan Fund is a revolving fund that provides interest free loans for specific purposes. Loans are to cover short-term essential expenses and are for students who expect to soon receive money . Typical loan cases:  

  • New students on graduate assistant-ships arriving from countries where currency exchange controls do not allow them to bring enough money to cover initial expense
  • Students with foreign scholarships whose cheques have been delayed by governments or banks abroad
  • Students who have emergency expenditures they will be able to cover at a later date

Students are expected to repay the loan in full as soon as they receive their anticipated funding.

Emergency Bursaries

Emergency bursaries are provided to students in dire financial circumstances, when all other resources are depleted, such as bankruptcy. 

Cases that have been granted an emergency bursary include: travel to visit an immediate family member diagnosed with a terminal illness or a death in the family.

Funding Limitations

ISS Loans and Bursaries are not granted for:

  • Travel costs to return home at the end of studies or during academic breaks
  • Research expenses and/or thesis costs
  • Sending money to family members
  • Common expenses associated with your family living in Canada
  • Non-emergency medical costs (e.g. non-emergency dental care)
  • Tuition and fees

Application Procedures

If your emergency is urgent and you require funds in a matter of hours (e.g. you have to travel home immediately to attend a funeral of a parent), contact an advisor at the International Centre right away. For all other funding emergencies, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Fill out the Emergency Loan and Bursary Application Form online and print.
  2. Gather supporting documents including: 
    • Photocopy of your Study Permit
    • Copies of your proof of funds used for applying for your most recent temporary resident visa and Study Permit
    • Copies of your most recent monthly bank statement for all your accounts, including those of your partner (if applicable)
    • All receipts associated to this particular financial emergency that is outside of your control
  3. Drop off your application package to the International Centre and book an appointment with an advisor